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Incubating Services

Projects/ companies that join an incubating program will have access to the following benefits and opportunities.

Infrastructure and Equipment

Laboratory with basic equipment (scales, magnetic stirrers, water distillers, fume hoods, etc.)

Access to Pando Technology Pole high tech equipment and services

We also have equipped offices, meeting rooms, and/or seminars, videoconference, internet.

R+D areas at PTP

  • Food and nutrition
  • Biotechnology
  • Bioanalytics
  • Biopharma and Pharmaceutical Tech
  • Fine Chemistry
  • Nanotechnology
  • Environmental Analysis


  • Diagnosis of company/startup when entering the incubator.
  • State of the Art assessment of the biotechnology segment which the project is focused on - Intellectual Property Network, International Consultants.
  • Technical Tutors, referees in their field of expertise, experts in the field of the venture/company
  • Entrepreneurship Tutors, selected according to their professional experience in the sector the company aims at.
  • Business Plan Consultant for a three-month period, to build a business plan
  • Training, financing, marketing, intellectual property and other business and/or legal aspects- workshops.
  • Activities involving networking and connection with the entrepreneurship ecosystem, sponsors and chambers of biotechnology. Networking opportunities with angel investors or potential clients.

Financial Support

Possibility of obtaining $25,000 dollars of National Research and Development Agency Financing

Opportunities of taking part as a Sponsor Company in the presentation of the project to other NRIA tools.

Strategic Members