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The call ends 4th April 2017

ANDE Seed Capital

This is a non- refundable economic contribution, whose aim is to support entrepreneurs from the whole country to start-up, strengthen and grow their ventures. Beyond the scope of each proposal, it is expected that within the project’s framework the ventures supported by ANDE Seed achieve the following results:

  • Develop and/or perfect their products, services, processes and/or methods of commercialization.
  • Achieve income through sales, reaching a substantial growth of their sales and/or realize private investment for the venture.
  • Develop or put into operation the plan to expand their regional, national and/or international market.
  • Strengthen their skills and abilities for the management and growth of their business.
  • Generate or have the potential to generate new job positions in the short term.

This instrument is included in the ANDE Fund Activities for Development Plan 2016-2017 approved by the Executive Branch.3

This support consists of an ANDE non- refundable contribution for the entrepreneurs of up to 80% of the cost of the project with a maximum contribution of $U 640,000 (six hundred and forty thousand Uruguayan pesos). The ANDE support will be divided between capital for the expenses, which requires a submission of expenses and a maximum amount per project of $U 256,000 (two hundred and fifty six thousand Uruguayan pesos) as a recognition of exclusive and full-time dedication, which does not require a submission of expenses (distributed evenly according to the length of the project). The entrepreneurs must contribute at least 20% of the total cost of the project, with the allowance that up to $U80,000 (eighty thousand Uruguayan pesos) may be contributed in kind. The following are permitted as “in kind”: work contribution, use of machines or tools and use of physical space; always with market values validated by ANDE. The entrepreneurs must assume the commitment to participate in different activities organized by ANDE in the 12 months of the project’s implementation (entrepreneurs meeting, workshops, etc.).

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